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Customers Speak

I wanted to extend a thank you to everyone involved in the development of ATP. ATP has streamlined a good deal of the testing effort and has been great to use. Once again thanks a lot for the quality of product you have provided us. We look forward to future expansion of ATP's to other testing groups here in Philadelphia. Hope all is going well in India, look forward to future work together. I do not have everyone's email address who works on ATP so if you could forward this message on that would be great. Good Job and Keep up the good work.

Elijah Goshert ExcelaCom Inc,

Based on our walk through and some of my basic feedback, you all have done a great job on turning these around and building these out. This is a very positive step forward from where we were a month ago so the progress is really a great thing to see. Keep up the work you all are doing, your efforts, time and hard work is appreciated immensely by our team here in NY.

Ben Samuel ExcelaCom Inc,

Dear Sanjay, Santhu, Anand, Arun, Arumugam, Semmal, Poorna, Munuswami, Uma, Yamuna, Jayalakshmi, Rangesh, Cheemala,and Varsha:

Just want to send on this email to thank you for the efforts you all have put forward on this project thus far. We will miss having Mr. Sanjay, Mr. Arun, Mr. Anand, and Mr. Santhu here with us in Arlington. You gentlemen have done a tremendous job. It has been great getting to know you and to see your strong work ethic up close and in person.

For everyone over in Chennai, thank you too! I appreciate your work and the ability you all have shown to produce deliverables that meet the requirements asked of you. I know it sometimes can be a challenge getting instructions second and third hand. In that regard, I want to also thank Mr. Sanjay specifically as he has done a tremendous job of communicating out to you all what needs to be done and how. That is not an easy role.

Safe travels to those traveling and a pleasant weekend to all.

Matthew Hinthorn ExcelaCom Inc,