IT Solutions

ExcelaCom Technologies leverages its extensive experience in developing methodologies and processes that support a seamless transfer of responsibilities and high quality of ongoing service at an optimal cost.

ExcelaCom Technologies distributed execution model extensively provides a cost optimum solution. Through this, clients can enjoy end-to-end solution. We provide personalized service on end-to-end solutions that are high quality and cost effective with the right mix of deployment of our global resources.

Application Development

Our consultants - business technology specialists - bring in-depth functional and technology knowledge to every client engagement. We deliver these solutions with complete project management ownership. A proven distributed delivery model and a host of tools starting from project management providing the clients up-to-date information.

Enterprise Application Integration

Most businesses have a diverse environment of systems, applications and databases. The key to improving business efficiency is binding together these distributed and incompatible systems so they can communicate and interact directly with each other in real-time.

We provide diverse applications, a platform for sharing information and processes enterprise-wide. By integrating applications, your business can increase their return on investment from existing applications and systems. People can access an integrated view of business information, and processes can be streamlined between systems. With access to a real-time flow of information, people make better business decisions and systems operate more effectively. ExcelaCom Technologies has rich experience in EAI technologies to provide total business integration solutions for enabling seamless integration of business systems in real-time.

Legacy Integration

ExcelaCom Technologies can assist you with all aspects of your Enterprise Application landscape. We also integrate stand-alone business applications with ERP solutions to provide optimal access to, and utilization of, key business information. When combined with our consulting, analytics, and process management expertise, these integrated solutions enable you to make the best use of vital enterprise data to leverage your competitive advantage.


ExcelaCom Technologies provides a complete range of application maintenance services, which covers enhancements, optimization and rationalization. We help clients not only in sustaining their business but also to grow and transform their business by altering the IT cost structure. We strive to make our outsourcing engagements highly successful and meaningful. Our extensive experience, usage of tools and methodologies has helped clients realize complete value from their outsourcing initiatives.


ExcelaCom Technologies has the processes to transform your legacy systems to the latest technology without altering core functionality and stability. At the same time, ExcelaCom Technologies enhances the system to take advantage of the latest technological capabilities that meet the demands of today's business.

IT Consulting

ExcelaCom Technologies leverages its vast experience resource to provide extensive consulting services by analyzing your existing systems and recommending solutions to rectify the problems. In several cases ExcelaCom Technologies has also been called upon to execute the recommended solutions.