Quality Management System

The quality of a product depends not on coding standards, software specifications, version control software or testing tools but on the hands of the people performing analysis, coding, testing and documentation.

Quality Assurance process is a complex of project and technical activities that performs verification that a product matches the project requirements and the company standards. In fact, System Testing is one of the most important phases in project execution at ExcelaCom Technologies and our QA engineers pay special attention to the quality of the product before release.

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Quality Assurance

ExcelaCom Technologies strives to achieve quality through an organizational process focus and quality commitment. Each of our projects has an independent quality controller who ensures that the deliverables going out are of the desired quality.

ExcelaCom Technologies in-house Quality Manuals and Coding Standards are followed by our developers at each stage of the project. ExcelaCom Technologies uses trained project auditors who conduct periodic quality checks during various phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). At every stage, a detailed review process is conducted with the help of extensive checklists prepared with years of experience. Quality records are tracked and measured using standard quality guidelines. ExcelaCom Technologies in-house Defect Tracking System is used to track defects at every stage of the SDLC.

Detailed Functional Specifications and Technical Architecture documents are prepared for every project. The Quality Control function performs design reviews of the specifications and ensures that testing scenarios are established at every phase. The testing scenarios include unit testing (blackbox and whitebox), integration testing, system testing and acceptance testing. A well defined Quality Plan and Integration Test Plan are prepared at an early stage of the project. These plans are shared and reviewed with the client to meet their testing and acceptance criteria.