We are on a mission to keep our clients technologically ahead of competitors by going above and beyond the requirements

Excelacom Technologies creates BSS/OSS solutions for Communications Service Providers globally. By leveraging the range of our offerings, we aim to equip our clients to meet the challenges of today's evolving telecom market. Excelacom provides system integration, application development, testing, and full-scale outsourcing services to meet our client’s needs to stay ahead of the competition. We are strengthening our clients' businesses through the automation of business processes, and improvements in architecture and IT infrastructure with our products and consulting. Our global operations are supported by experienced leadership, consultants, analysts, and technology specialists from around the world.


We are delivering the future since 2001 - when our company was founded in Chennai, as a sister Company to the global organization Excelacom, headquartered in the United States. We jointly created an extensive experience in telecom-focused product development, IT consulting, and managed services, as well as strategic management and thought leadership to steer our clients’ organizations toward successful business and technological transformations.

We combine the best of international experience with professional management to provide our clients with dedicated support. Our company leverages the technical expertise and management skills required to ensure our clients receive the highest quality services without complexities or unnecessary overheads.

We are driven to deliver end-to-end solutions to fulfill today's demanding business requirements in an efficient and cost-effective manner, by providing technological advancements that keep them leaders in their targeted markets. Excelacom is helping our clients reach their full potential by utilizing our powerful technology development center, quick resources ramp-up, and specialized communication network, allowing our team to become a vital extension of our client’s organization.




ISO 9001:2015 Certified

ISO 27001:2013 Certified

CMMI Dev V2.0
Maturity Level 3
Business and technical experts servicing customers across North America, Europe, and Asia
Recognized for
four consecutive times
as Great Place
to work.

Our core values

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This certification is evidence of solidarity and resilience of Excelacom family, especially in today’s scenario where our way of interactions and working is changing. It also reflects the pride and passion of our teams to achieve greater heights.

Curious about what our people think about working at Excelacom Technologies?

Loganathan Rajan

Excelacom is truly one of the best places to work for. There is great support from management, ample learning opportunities and rewards & recognition programs makes it stand apart from other consulting organizations in the market place. The learning journey starting from doing business research as part of the CPS COE team at PKIC to working with the Exelacom.com team and finally being a part of the Knowledge Management team has molded to become a thorough professional.

Naveen Nallusamy

I love working in Excelacom because of the clear vision and mission the organization stands for. The dynamic leadership and the opportunity to contribute to major initiatives is another important factor for me to stay committed to Excelacom for 10+ years. The exposure to learning opportunities and the proactive support from leadership has immensely helped me in my career growth and success. The growth trajectory of the company has been an inspiration to me and my team members to contribute more.

Rajkumar Gurusamy

Having being part of the Excelacom family for the past 13 years, I can say it is one of the best places to work and gain hands on technical experience. The culture at Excelacom encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing which foster growth opportunities. We are given the freedom to express new ideas and also get support from leadership to implement it in projects. One of the best things is you can get trained in new technologies from the Internal training programs provided by the organization.

Deepak Ramasamy

I am delighted to be part of EXCELACOM and proud to say its "Great Place to Work" due for employee welfare, strong leadership, innovative technologies. I have had better opportunities that helped me advance my career from a junior grade to a manager at the company. Whether new to the career or a seasoned professional, Excelacom offers a lot of opportunities to grow the knowledge and skills. The organization's top priority is always the welfare of its employees, and it takes great pride in being in a "Great Place to Work."

Ramprasath Ramesh

Excelacom is a terrific company to work since it supports and cares for its employees in multiple aspects. The open work culture offers us the freedom to express our opinions and also the diversity of thoughts is highly respected. These crucial factors have been such a source of inspiration that has kept me going for 11 years and I have not even once thought of switching over to another company. People want to work for an organization that is developing, innovating, and attempting novel things, which is precisely what Excelacom does.

Selvakumar Selvanathan

I started my career journey in Excelacom as a fresher and in the last 16+ years, Excelacom has provided me with a platform to learn, grow, enjoy work and most importantly accomplish career goals. The company has given me opportunities to travel across the globe and experience diversity. The support from leadership is unique as they not only enable you to achieve the company's goals but also the employee’s growth and aspirational goals. Excelacom is a great place to work if one is willing to learn and grow.

Dineshkumar Krishnan

Excelacom has been my home away from home since I graduated. Working at Excelacom is never dull or monotonous as every day is filled with new learning opportunities. There is a sense of dedication from each and every employee that translates into sense of accomplishment with every milestone. The leadership is adorable due to the flexibility and openness to new ideas which gives me an opportunity to extend the same experience to my team members.

Gopinath Mohanraj

Excelacom is a great place for creative minds to apply their skills and knowledge. I have always had the opportunity to go beyond my designated role, making my career progression impressive. The policies give us the freedom to express and execute ideas. The employee friendly culture along with people centric policies have made me complete 14 + years and going strong. The Management is always receptive to ideas and addresses concerns with a sense of commitment and involvement.

Vishnu Thirumalaisamy

Excelacom is truly one of the ‘Best Places to Work for’. Excelacom is known for providing great opportunities enabling the employees to grow along with the organization. The Leadership is very transparent, and each individual has the liberty to express themselves. The company has created a great learning environment which has kept me anchored for 12 years and still I feel there is a learning opportunity every day to become better in my deliverables.

Aravinth Venkatachalam

Being with Excelacom for the past 7 years, I can say it is one of the best places to work and grow technically strong. The company encourages employee relationships to collaborate and co-create. We have the freedom to express new ideas and also get support to implement the same in our projects. Best thing is you can get trained in new technologies with the Internal training programs. Unbiased support from management and colleagues has played a key role in bringing the best out of me.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Philanthropy

The terms diversity, equity, and inclusion are not empty words at Excelacom — they are a call to action!

Giving back is core to our culture. In addition to charitable donations, we partner with non-profit organizations to create websites, participate in volunteer programs, and work within our communities to improve the common good.


Business and technical experts servicing customers across North America, Europe, and Asia

RESTON, VA Headquarter
Philadelphia, PA
Toronto, Canada
Los Angeles, CA
San Juan, Puerto Rico
London, England
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Prague, Czech Republic
CHENNAI, INDIA Technology Development Center
Mexico City, Mexico
Munich, Germany
Denver, CO